What we do

Global Poverty Solutions provides a suite of options to match your philanthropic passions with sustainable development initiatives. You can support any number of our 100+ projects that may align with your passions whilst enjoying the benefits of tax-deductibility and the confidence that your donations will achieve the greatest impact. Alternatively, we can enable you to support a project you have witnessed in a developing country with the same tax-deductibility and quality assurance benefits.


Global Poverty Solutions has been managing international development projects and conducting due diligence on international partners for over ten years. This experience will give you confidence that your donations will be effective in providing solutions to the causes of poverty.

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All of the projects in our portfolio are implemented by reputable and accountable organisations. The projects have undergone rigorous design reviews, and are monitored every six months for project and financial progress. Our implementing partners benefit from our developmental expertise through capacity building, toolkits, and networking to ensure that their policies and programming are best practice. Our Due Diligence on new partners and projects ensures that they comply with Australian Taxation Office, and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Australian Charities and Non-profits Commission requirements, as well as best practice in development.

Guiding Principles

Our solutions are guided by three principles: Ethics; Efficiency; and Effectiveness.

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1. Ethical processes ensure that the poor are empowered and not exploited. To this end, we are:

  • Committed to empowering local communities to implement their own solutions to the causes of poverty
  • Endorsed by the Australia Government as a charity and Deductible Gift Recipient Overseas Aid Organisation
  • Registered with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
  • Governed by an independent Board of Directors
  • Audited annually by an independent financial auditor
  • Governed by a Code of Practice, which also governs all our partner organisations
  • Compliant with child protection, antiterrorism and money laundering requirements

2. Efficient application (matching) of resources with innovative solutions to the causes of poverty. To this end, we:

  • Conduct comprehensive due diligences on promoted projects
  • Reduce costs of finding projects, designing projects, and conducting due diligences on project partners through our matchmaking facility
  • Decrease the administrative burden through shared administrative support
  • Enable online donations
  • Facilitate grant matches

3. Effective interventions that provide innovative solutions to the causes of poverty. To this end, we ensure:

  • Best practice for the project design, monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessments of all our projects
  • Training, networking, and mentoring are provided for our partner organizations’ staff
  • Innovative strategies can be incubated in our projects

Support any number of our 100+ projects that may align with your passions