Well Constructions


Well Constructions
Well Constructions

In rural West Papua, villagers are poorly informed about microscopic water borne diseases. They cook from the same uncovered water hole that they clean and bath in which is closely positioned next to animal pens and sewerage zones. They try to catch clean rain water in containers, but the limited supply means they must reserve this for drinking only. Various parasites expose locals to intestinal and skin diseases, particularly amongst the very young.

In response to their pleas for clean water, two sites have been identified for well implementation. Dismountable fiberglass moulds are transported to the worksites where the culverts are then poured to form gravity based clean water systems. Local village people are directly involved in the construction process so that they are well-equipped to maintain the plumbing and pass on new skillsets to their co-village members.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Fiberglass moulds
  • Materials
  • Labour and training costs
  • Transport
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