GPS ProjectsGlobal Poverty Solutions will help you fulfil your philanthropic passions. Begin by searching through our existing portfolio of projects. If you are passionate about a particular cause that our current projects do not address, we can help you find a suitable project to support or else you can design your own initiative. Choose from the following two options:

1. Choose from our existing portfolio of 100+ projects

Go to the ‘Existing Solutions’ tab and highlight your passions, whether they are an area of development, a country of interest, or a population you feel strongly about helping. 

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The projects that align to your passions will light up on the map. Click on the map pointer and you will be able to see more information about the project. Once you have chosen your project or projects, contact us and we will explore the best way to support that project with you. Global Poverty Solutions manages over 100 projects in developing countries. These sustainable development projects are implemented by trustworthy organisations that have demonstrable accountability and project effectiveness. You can have confidence that your philanthropic funds are supporting worthwhile and effective projects.  This choice enables you to leverage others’ donations to contribute to projects with large community impact.

2. Design your own solution

If your passions are not aligned to any of the projects in our portfolio, or if you have seen a particular initiative that has touched your heart overseas, then this is the option for you. Global Poverty Solutions can work through our extensive network of international development partners to find a project to suit your philanthropic vision. If you would like to support a specific international development project, Global Poverty Solutions can partner with the project if it meets regulatory standards, and enable you to support it through tax-deductible donations. Go to the 'Design your Own Solution' tab for more information. 


Whichever option you choose, Global Poverty Solutions will provide you with tax-deductible receipts for your donations, 6-monthly project updates, and the potential to visit the projects you support.

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Tax deductible receipts: You will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation to Global Poverty Solutions projects. 
Project updates: You will receive 6-monthly updates on your project so you can understand better how your support has helped your community
Visits: Global Poverty Solutions can facilitate visits to your project if you desire to do so. The ability to visit projects will depend on the project situation, and you will need to undertake relevant child protection clearances prior to visiting.

Due diligence

Global Poverty Solutions conducts a comprehensive Due Diligence on all the projects and their implementing partners in our project portfolio. This gives you confidence that your support is being used effectively.

Support any number of our 100+ projects that may align with your passions