Malipai Livelihoods Philippines


Malipai Livelihoods Philippines

Upon leaving school, many clever and capable young minds are deprived of their career ambitions due to a lack of education and employment opportunities. Despite working 6 full days a week in menial labour, they earn barely enough to maintain a subsistence lifestyle. Often they are lured into the big cities where the cycle of poverty is exacerbated by thousands of counterparts seeking the same elusive job openings.

The purpose of this project is to facilitate education and trade skill development for the poor. Young gifted students who are in danger of dropping out of school for financial reasons are supported by scholarship placements, whilst unskilled community members are encouraged to partake in employment skills’ training at the Centre. Microfinancing is offered as part of business development and consists of a savings element to prosper sustainable management. An upward ripple effect can be seen as previous beneficiaries are now able to fund their sibling’s education and provide everyday needs for their dependents proving that, if given the chance, the poverty cycle can indeed be broken.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Vocational trade and life skills training
  • Microfinance startup costs
  • Business education
  • English classes
  • Land for small scale cultivation/ vegetable gardens
  • Health and dental checks
  • Computers
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