Vocational Training – Knitting and Shoe-Making


Vocational Training – Knitting and Shoe-Making
Vocational Training – Knitting and Shoe-Making

As Egypt’s population sprawls beyond the capacity of social services, informal residency in slums and squatter settlements is a reality for many thousands of marginalised locals. Vocational training within these urban areas has proven to be highly effective in fostering employability and life skills for a brighter future. To this end, the need for a centre was realised and is now in operation offering courses in knitting and shoe-making.

Not only do trainers and mentors instill good work habits and integrity in the lives of young people, but they also leave a lasting legacy of hope to those who have been previously deprived of an education. Once completed, apprenticeship or work placement opportunities are established with prospective employers and some students are offered the chance to start their own micro-business.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Centre equipment
  • Training scholarships
  • Curriculum development
  • Literacy lessons
  • Employment networking
  • Business start-up costs
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