Sri Lanka


Despite Sri Lanka’s remarkable social progress in literacy, life expectancy and infant mortality, success in generating economic growth has somewhat lagged behind. Underemployment and underachievement has arisen in rural areas where opportunities for higher education and career advancement in modern industries are few. High emigration rates attest to a lack of available facilities and services which hinder the labour force’s ability to excel, so many of the country’s best qualified workers now live overseas.

These observations have initiated a micro-enterprise scheme and auxiliary courses in English language, computing skills and financial management. Investment in advanced-level cognitive skills will expand opportunities for the poor to move into higher paying occupations as successful employees or entrepreneurs in the service sector.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Capacity building of implementing agency through team visits from Australia
  • Creation of microloan scheme
  • Community leadership training for business development
  • English and computer skill classes
  • Project management and accounting programs
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