Female Empowerment


Female Empowerment

For years Thailand has unofficially been labeled the sex tourism capital of Asia, with Pattaya its most notorious hotspot, closely followed by the red-light districts of Bangkok and an assortment of nightclubs in Phuket. Despite the false fronts and “smoke screen” advertising that Thai authorities frequently roll out, the truth of the matter is that almost half of the country’s prominent tourism industry is accounted for under the banner of “sex tourism.” Due to embedded inequalities, prostitution has become a popular career choice for both minors and adults within the more disadvantaged class because of its comparatively lucrative return as an alternative to working on the family farm.

Our partnerships with rural villages are aimed at preventing the recruitment of young girls into the Thai sex industry. We nurture long term relationships with communities to cultivate local action that empowers girls with the necessary resources and knowledge to avoid being exploited by traffickers. We also offer a range of supports to girls and women already caught up in the industry who feel entrapped by poverty, debt, social pressures or lack of skills.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Educational and leadership development
  • Life Choices Program which promotes awareness of STDs, drugs, body development, gender equality, violence against women, sex trafficking and social media
  • Draw Your Dreams Program which uses creative arts to channel feelings, fears and aspirations as young girls experience issues which extend far beyond their years
  • Microenterprise and vocational training to encourage alternative income opportunities
  • Victim counselling and protection
  • Fostering joint partnerships with organisations and law enforcement
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