At-Risk Education


At-Risk Education

Government funding for remote schools in Vanuatu is minimal, if not wholly absent. Many families fall outside the radar of the public education system because they live too far out of town and cannot afford commute expenses. Without an education, teens miss out on essential life skills and vocational opportunities, therefore increasing their risk of ill health, exploitation and unemployment. Teenage pregnancy is not uncommon amongst unschooled females, and there is a strong likelihood that vulnerability will be passed on to their children.

To defy this pattern, targeted communities have been identified for educational assistance.

‘At-risk’ children and adolescents are undertaking classes in basic literacy, numeracy, vital health and employable skills to help them realise economic uplift for years to come.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • School and tertiary scholarships
  • Health and hygiene programs
  • Children’s health club
  • Training for local healthcare workers
  • Sewing workshops
  • Cooking workshops
  • Adult literacy classes
  • Financial management support
  • Local business opportunities in vanilla bean or sandalwood production
  • Sustainable water infrastructure installations
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