Squatter Community Care & Education


Squatter Community Care & Education

Instead of going to school, many slum-dwelling children in the Philippines roam the streets begging, peddling and sometimes stealing in order to get by.  In a prominent squatter community we have a project striving to break the cycle of poverty by providing ‘catch-up’ education and vocational training to at-risk children and their families.  Children who have dropped out of the education system are provided with learning opportunities tailored to their needs so that they can return to the public school system and complete a formal education, essential for their future employment prospects. 

Bridging programs are also provided to improve student’s English proficiency with the intention of pursuing a university degree after high school.  Another area of focus is the community CARE Centre where children can stay throughout the duration of their catch-up schooling.  Where appropriate, foster parents are sought to give children the nurture they need. 

 Key Areas of Expenditure

  • CARE centre furniture and resources for accommodation
  • Community education centre for ‘catch-up’ classes and tuition
  • Meals, uniforms, books, hygiene kits and health checkup costs
  • Staff training
  • Scholarship and sponsorship
  • Curriculum development
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