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Rescue and Emergency Relief

Rescue and Emergency Relief
Rescue and Emergency Relief

Ethnic tension is rampant in Burma. Skewed spending on defense has stagnated economic growth and development indicators are ubiquitously dubious. The government refuses basic services to some minorities and the military targets them in ruthless bouts of conflict. An epidemic of statelessness has emerged whereby many Burmese are internally displaced or have taken refuge in neighbouring countries.

In response, relief teams hike from areas of relative safety into conflict zones to rescue and aid villagers whose homes have been burned down. Each team is comprised of a medic, videographer, counselor, team leader, security agent, land navigator and a communications specialist. Once rescued, the mission is to provide material, emotional and general aid to bring victims back to their feet and re-establish independent livelihoods in safety and freedom.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Emergency relief supplies of food, water purifiers, shelter, medicine
  • Solar and UV water projects in refugee camps
  • Weaving, sewing and beading income-generating initiatives
  • Educational programs especially for orphans and unaccompanied children
  • Healthcare training for teachers to incorporate into school curriculum
  • Shelter construction for schools within internally displaced people camps
  • Basic education materials, healthcare kits and sports equipment for schools
  • Agricultural development and vocational training in raising livestock
  • Trauma counselling training
  • Leadership training initiatives
  • Transport requirements
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