Micro-Enterprise Training and Loans

Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

Micro-Enterprise Training and Loans

Despite strong financial growth associated with a rich store of natural resources, the benefits of trade and investment from the international sphere has not been distributed evenly within the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Turning to self-sufficient innovation, a centralised service centre has been set up to upskill marginalised Congolese as they take out small loans to commence micro-enterprise ventures.  Participants receive training in financial management related topics such as ‘Asset Based Community Development’, ‘Small Business and Social Enterprise Principles’, ‘Savings’ and ‘Loan Circles’ via online and in-house classes and coaching.

Having undertaken compulsory modules, participants form similar-interest groups with an elected president, secretary and treasurer.  Weekly meetings are held to report progress and discuss issues whilst also repaying loans to a communal pool through small contributions.  This pool acts as an insurance against defaulters and enables each group to save toward a set goal.  Once members demonstrate reliability with a small loan, they are offered a larger pilot loan and can later go on to start up their own individual business with support and guidance from the centre.  A wide array of industry groups have formed including livestock keepers, sewing & knitting groups, diamond diggers and healthcare workers.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Training resources
  • Centre upkeep and running costs
  • Start-up loans and training
  • Monitoring and check-ups
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