Rural Capacity Building


Rural Capacity Building

In the hilltop highlands of Nepal’s North East, locals live a traditional subsistence existence.  Village life is built around small scale farming and yak grazing with some young men finding employment as Sherpas in mountaineering tourism.  Infrastructure is modest, as the closest medical centre is a strenuous two-day journey, and tracks are vulnerable to monsoonal damage and landslides.

With our partner organisation, we aim to raise local wellbeing and quality of life through investment in education and healthcare based on sound development principles of conservation and economic growth.  Prior to the project, there stood a school of three unlit, unheated and scarcely furnished classrooms and nothing but an unstaffed health post for medical services.  The primary focus is on improving infrastructure and upskilling locals in diversified industries in order to increase financial capacity and reduce dependency on external support.  Renovations are well underway with the construction of an eating hall, a computer room, an indoor assembly area, student accommodation and general classroom restoration.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Hostel construction for school boarding
  • School refurbishment including insulation, floors and Earthquake bracing
  • Teacher upskilling and educational materials
  • Healthcare staff training and medication
  • Economic development and environmental sustainability workshops
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