Remote-access Aviation Services

Papua New Guinea

Remote-access Aviation Services

Service delivery in Papua New Guinea is expensive and logistically difficult because of a combination of topography, governance and economic capacity. The health sector is of particular concern as HIV prevalence is highest in the region, immunisation rates have stagnated, infant and maternal care services are limited and preventable diseases such as measles, pneumonia and diarrhoea cause extensive morbidity and mortality.

Amidst these challenges, many lives have been saved and communities assisted owing to the invaluable work of our aviation partner which provides air transport services to remote regions of Papua New Guinea. They facilitate development and emergency relief through the delivery of resources and personnel where ground travel is not viable due to compromised safety, reliability or speed. Having the option of air travel enables more regular access to a greater sphere of influence.

Some key services involved in this project include:

  • Medevacs/ medical supply deliveries
  • NGO transport needs for staff and equipment
  • Government staff travel
  • Aerial searches
  • Natural Disaster response
  • Local training

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Fuel
  • Staff training and wages
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Resource provision
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