Holistic Community Development


Holistic Community Development

In Southern India we have a project underway to improve access to health services, education and community support.  The region has many of the social issues typical of a developing nation including poor health, employment insecurity, domestic violence, uncontrolled crime, lack of opportunity for higher study, personal debt and high suicide rates.  In response to destitution, our in-country partner delivers five core services:

  1. Health Care – A Health Care Clinic and its associated mobile services provide care and awareness programs for the treatment and prevention of disease in remote areas.
  2. Child Rights and Relief – Accommodation facilities are set up to house children in crises due to loss of parents, abandonment or deprivation.
  3. Education – Teachers and materials are funded to improve the quality and capacity of education in local primary and secondary schools as well as an early learning centre.
  4. Community Development –  Projects are established in collaboration with the community to address perceived needs such as women’s support groups, English language programs, youth support services and vocational training.
  5. Environmental Sustainability – A Coastal Environment Education Centre educates locals and partners with other organisations in order to best preserve the pristine natural environment of the surrounding hinterland.

 Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Health Centre running costs including staff, materials, medication and facility upkeep
  • Accommodation running costs including lodgment, food and support services
  • Teaching resources and funding
  • Startup capital and running costs for community development projects
  • Coastal Environment Education Centre networking and scoping for new projects
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