Holistic Community Development

Papua New Guinea

Holistic Community Development

Many local development organisations in PNG have failed over the years for want of a sound system of leadership and administration. This project has many facets to support the Papua New Guinea Government build local capacity in targeted rural areas:

Health – Quality healthcare is deficient in some tribes, and non-existent in others. By investing in clinic infrastructure and ensuring adequate pools of staff, health outcomes will improve.  Immunisation and maternal health are key focuses.

HIV/AIDS – Awareness and prevention is facilitated through partnerships with The National Aids Council of PNG.  A ‘training for trainers’ program is designed to reach out to communities, whilst care centres are being established to look after ill patients and orphans. 

Education – Strategic locations are being assessed for the construction of new schools, whilst investment into current schools will help to lift literacy rates and equip students to participate effectively in the development of their country.

Female Empowerment - Women are given the opportunity to work side by side with technical experts on community projects so that they can input into the direction of future development.

Youth Development – A Youth Development Program nurtures young locals by imparting life skills for their employment prospects.  Rehabilitation is a key aim for those who have an addiction.

Timber Harvesting & Sustainability of Natural Resources – Tree planting in designated plantations will be undertaken in collaboration with an education program for sustainable management of natural resources.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Professional development and training in project management
  • Improve immunisation coverage
  • Promote family planning
  • Health clinic facility and capacity upgrades
  • HIV/AIDS care centre establishment
  • Education consultation
  • Small scale female empowerment projects
  • Multi-purpose youth community hall
  • Sustainable timber harvesting project
  • Vehicle purchase and running costs
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