Deaf Education


Deaf Education

Approximately 80% of deaf Ugandans cannot read or write and 70% cannot count to 10.  In the past, few deaf children have been given the opportunity to go to school, and those who did usually sat uncomprehending and ignored.  Exclusion often transcended into adult years as hearing people would seldom communicate with them and networks for deaf people were rare to come by.  Most did not know sign language and could not speak; collectively they were referred to as “Kasiru” (“stupid”). 

Today, awareness and acceptance of the deaf community has penetrated into mainstream schools and workplaces and it is hoped that all children will be able to obtain the educational and vocational opportunities they need within the Ugandan system.  To this end, this project will provide 27 at-risk deaf children with primary, secondary, tertiary and extra-curriculum courses for a prosperous future.

 Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Scholarships for deaf children and young adults
  • Community sports and cultural activities
  • Hearing tests
  • Support network development 
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