Community Uplift


Community Uplift

Across the rugged terrain of Tajikistan there are scattered communities in great need. Disability is stigmatized, medical facilities are overrun, the employment base is narrow and drinking water is in short supply. These are the everyday afflictions which this holistic development project aims to overcome through:

  • Mother and Child Health Projects - women’s health lessons are taught and awareness materials distributed for health promotion particularly concerning common diseases such as Diabetes T1, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.
  • Agri-business – high-altitude land arability is not conducive for fresh fruit and vegetable production so alternative specialisation initiatives capitalize on fruit drying and greenhouse horticulture.
  • Disabled care – Early intervention assessment and support is provided at specialty pre-schools and inclusivity campaigns are heavily emphasised in regions hardest hit by recent polio outbreaks.
  • Clean water – Wells and piping infrastructure are implemented in needs-assessed communities after having conducted general preventative health and hygiene lessons.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Public health seminars and teaching materials
  • Doctor training
  • Early intervention initiatives for people with disabilities
  • Mobility devices and wheelchairs
  • High-altitude greenhouse construction
  • Agri-business development including solar fruit drying techniques and orchard management
  • Well and water pump installation
  •  Water resource maintenance and training
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