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Audiology Training

Audiology Training

Deaf and hearing impaired children in the developing world are greatly disadvantaged. The cost and maintenance of hearing aids is so high that most families cannot afford them, and must instead rely on an intermittent supply of donated devices and short-term ‘fitting teams’ from abroad. Typically, these fly-in fly-out audiologists can only spare minutes with each patient and have no capacity for subsequent checkups.

In these contexts there is great necessity to train and equip local hearing professionals and teachers who can upskill and upscale the capacity of national audiologist services. This project will invest time, personnel and finances into this area of need to improve children’s hearing outcomes and their subsequent quality of life.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Course material development for Bachelor of Audiology degree
  • Enroll, mentor and graduate competent audiometrists
  • Teacher training for delivery of audiology course
  • Neonatal screening programs
  • Audiology software and equipment
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