Agricultural Development and Health Care


Agricultural Development and Health Care
Agricultural Development and Health Care

Agrarian communities of rural Gansu Province are periodically tormented by drought. Lack of access to financial markets keep farmers in a trap of subsistence living as they are scarcely able to grow enough produce to break beyond their survival needs. In order to build resilience and boost local economies, this project aims to increase agricultural output by introducing modern cultivation methods such as precision planting, fertilizer efficacy and crop selectivity.

Another symptom of poverty in the area is the high prevalence of poor health due to a lack of money and knowledge on how to manage illness and injuries. Concurrent to agricultural development, a medical project is underway involving public health awareness, dental care, surgeries and early-diagnosis consultations. These simultaneous endeavours are based on a self-sustaining model designed to impart skills and knowledge to willing locals for community consolidation and collective benefit.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Training in farming efficiency and business cooperatives
  • Medical supplies and treatment costs
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