Accommodation for the Deaf


Accommodation for the Deaf

In the Visayas division of the Philippines, educational needs of deaf children have not been sufficiently catered for at secondary level.  This project initially funded scholarships to cover school fees and transport requirements, however it was soon discovered that some children lived too far to commute each day. 

For some time, the project founders allowed students to stay at their own home but demand quickly outstripped supply and the need for a purpose-built dormitory was realised.  Now, there are two dormitories in operation which house elementary and secondary students, enabling them to attend local schools with a specialised deaf unit.  Students also tend an on-site vegetable patch for their own consumption and a supplementary piggery earns a small income for the dormitory.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Scholarships for deaf children and young adults
  • Accommodation resources and running costs
  • Sign language classes
  • Community and social events
  • Deaf awareness programs
  • Hearing evaluation tests
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