We find and review potential projects and charities for you to support and give you the confidence your donations are being well spent.

Finding outstanding charities and projects to support can be challenging. Global Poverty Solutions Consulting Services helps you identify potential charities to partner with and projects to support so that you donations can go to the cause and country you feel most passionate about.

Our services:

1. Philanthropic strategy preparation - we work with you to establish your philanthropic vision, approach, and goals and provide a portfolio of projects that align with your philanthropic strategy
2. Due diligence - we review your identified charities or projects against industry standards to give you confidence that your funds are being well spent
3. Project design - we help you identify projects you are passionate about and design projects to suit the beneficiary needs in the community
4. Capacity building - if we identify any areas of low capacity in the due diligence, we build these areas in your chosen charities

Support any number of our 100+ projects that may align with your passions