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Wartime Sexual Violence

Wartime Sexual Violence

Over decades of civil conflict and gang warfare, the alarmingly high prevalence of sexual violence has been critically overlooked and downplayed in Colombia. Rape, involuntary prostitution, unplanned pregnancy and forced abortion is commonplace. Recent reports have revealed just how systemic the problem has become as an estimated two females are sexually assaulted every hour. Such violence has been largely attributed to militia tactics designed to strike the enemy, dehumanize the victim and terrorise communities.

This project seeks to reverse damage caused by sexual violence, allowing victims to develop resilience and life skills for their successful social reintegration. By building relationships founded on trust, young women will flourish with newfound self-confidence to re-evaluate their aspirations and develop positive life maps. In addition, a formalised system of monitoring sexual exploitation in armed conflict will be established and multi-organisational national campaigns will advocate for legislative change and preventative action plans.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Care programs for female victims of sexual violence
  • Resilience therapy and art therapy
  • Psychosocial, Human Rights and Foster Family Workshops
  • Facilitation of family social support networks
  • Community protection and prevention
  • Awareness raising through theatre, art, music, photography and media
  • Political and community advocacy with Civil Society Groups, NGO’s, government officials and politicians.
  • Capacity building and professional development of local agencies
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