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Street Children Care Centre

Street Children Care Centre

The National Department of Social Welfare estimates that there are approximately 220,000 children living on the streets of towns and cities across the Philippines. Some willingly leave their households to escape domestic violence, neglect or hunger; others are forced out by their parents to beg, scavenge or even sell themselves into prostitution or labour. Whilst out in the open, they are frequently exploited by gangs or abused by corrupt police. Drugs are and disease are endemic.

This holistic program has been developed to address the needs of destitute children and their families through four distinct initiatives:

  • Back to health – Regular medical and dental check-ups are offered and further action taken as required. Weekly nutritious meals are provided and families learn the basics of hygiene and nutrition.
  • Back to home – A temporary shelter is run for homeless boys. Re-located families are being assisted as their houses have been demolished.
  • Back to school – Most street children are illiterate because a lack of incentive, money or support have caused them to drop out of school. Scholarships and weekly tutorials are instilling motivation and hope in children for a better future.
  • Back to work – A variety of skills workshops are held for children and parents alike. Amongst them are silk-screening, jewelry-making, sewing, welding, crochet and wood-working. Business skills are cultivated through mentor programs and occasionally products are sold at markets.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Medical and dental services
  • Food and cooking expenses
  • Family planning seminars
  • Counselling services
  • Child-parent reconciliation efforts
  • Shelter running costs
  • Scholarships covering school fees, transportation, uniforms, stationary and food allowances
  • Tutorial support
  • Skills training materials
  • Micro-finance loans
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