School and Scholarship Project

Solomon Islands

School and Scholarship Project

In the Solomon Islands, national literacy rates could possibly be as low as 17% (COESI & ASPBAE survey, 2007). This is in part due to a lack of access to affordable national high schools scattered across the islands. This shortage means that students must travel long distances across land and water to board at the school. Through a school and scholarship program, we hope to strengthen the capacity of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and ensure a high rate of retention, particularly for students transitioning from primary to secondary school. An academic emphasis is placed on tradition and agriculture so that students will, in turn, be able to remunerate their families and support themselves through locally relevant employment.

Children with disabilities are particularly disadvantaged in their pursuit of education. The program supports at-risk kids, including the blind and visually-impaired, through keeping them engaged in education until the end of secondary school. As funding permits, the school is also investing in technology to keep up with international standards and prepare students for competitive jobs in the service sector.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Classroom and library refurbishment including desks, chair and whiteboards
  • Computer and internet infrastructure
  • Scholarship provision
  • Improved education for the blind and visually impaired
  • Animal husbandry – chicken farming
  • School running costs
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