Remote-access Aviation Services


Remote-access Aviation Services

During the dry season many thousands of Bangladesh’s ‘extreme poor’ live on chars (sand islands) that are washed away each year when the monsoonal rains come. The low-lying terrain means that up to one quarter of the country suffers severe flooding from swollen rivers and sea level rise. Whilst jeopardising the safety of residents (especially women and children), rising floodwaters cause great loss of homes and harvests.

Amidst these challenges, many lives have been saved and communities assisted owing to the invaluable work of our aviation partner which provides air transport services to remote regions of Bangladesh. They facilitate development and emergency relief through the delivery of resources and personnel where ground travel is not viable due to compromised safety, reliability or speed. Having the option of air travel enables more regular access to a greater sphere of influence, particularly in flood prone areas where planes can become amphibious and land where no other vehicles can go. Some key services involved in this project include:

  • Medevacs/ medical supply deliveries
  • NGO transport needs for staff and equipment
  • Government staff travel
  • Aerial searches
  • Natural Disaster response
  • Local training

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Fuel
  • Staff training and wages
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Resource provision
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