Post-War Capacity Building


Post-War Capacity Building

Uganda has seen and suffered under almost twenty years of war between The Lord’s Resistance Army and government forces. During this time, heinous atrocities were committed including massacres, torture, rape and abductions of young ones to become child soldiers and child brides. Since conflict was brought to an end in 2006, peace has been gladly welcomed by the people of Uganda yet deep battle scars still remain. Encumbrance is evident throughout all fields of development as communities that were brought to their knees must relearn how to stand.

In light of such fragility, this project instills hope and health to a remote village in the North. It was previously the site of a settlement camp for internally displaced people, but once violence ceased so too did the vital support of NGO’s in the area. With a focus on capacity building, this traumatised community will be refortified through:

  • Agricultural development
  • Economic development
  • Education (Primary, Secondary and Early childhood)
  • Water security
  • Community development
  • Healthcare
  • Vocational training

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Animal husbandry
  • Increasing crop yields
  • Micro-enterprise business development
  • School nursery and vegetable garden
  • School equipment
  • Water pumps and maintenance
  • Medical equipment, drugs and disposables
  • Mobile health clinic
  • Health awareness promotion
  • Vocational training courses
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