Learning Resources and Teacher Workshops for Displaced Students


Learning Resources and Teacher Workshops for Displaced Students

Years of conflict have worn away Myanmar’s educational foundation. Within schools, teacher turnover is high, lessons are ill-prepared and academic standards are low. Many displaced children lack the skills and aptitudes that will help them find a job, particularly where schooling has been disrupted or discontinued. The consequence is a cohort of school-leavers who are not able to break away from their community’s trials and tribulations.

In the absence of a high quality curriculum, relevant classroom materials are being developed for students in refugee camps and migrant schools in alignment with assessed needs. Skills workshops are tailored to prepare teachers and trainers to raise a well-equipped generation and rebuild a capable and prospering workforce.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Teacher training and skills workshops
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • School, organisation and displacement camp assessment
  • Learning module development and production
  • Delivery and implementation of resources
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