HIV treatment – Upskilling Health Professionals

South Africa

HIV treatment – Upskilling Health Professionals
HIV treatment – Upskilling Health Professionals

South Africa has the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in the world. In collaboration with other NGO’s working in the area, our in-country partner assesses needs and capacities at district and facility level to then train and upskill healthcare workers through various area-specific workshops, seminars and master classes. There are two focus areas:

  1. Management of Antiretroviral Treatment – Mentors are trained to facilitate workshops and guide nurses in delivering treatment to HIV-positive children. By building confidence and skills, local clinics will improve their capacities.
  2. Adolescent Program – A training series is based on participatory learning to engage health care professionals to better service adolescents living with HIV (aged 10-19 years old). Experts are sourced locally and internationally to share their experiences and advice in sexual and reproductive health, task prioritisation, adolescent engagement and counselling support.

In addition, the project is engaged in developing provincial strategies to effectively implement auxiliary services with key agencies.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Training and workshop equipment
  • Accessing antiretroviral drugs and other medications
  • Scoping of needs and capacities
  • Program development and adaptation
  • Collaboration with NGO’s and Government services
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