Ex-Prisoner Reintegration


Ex-Prisoner Reintegration

Relapse back into the ‘underground’ is common amongst Mongolian ex-prisoners.  Quite literally, they plunge beneath the surface through purpose-built manholes into a labyrinth of heating pipes and tunnels. Fraught with crime and corruption, these marginalised groups huddle together in dark and dingy conditions.  As they mix with other offenders, many of them are likely to re-offend and find themselves back in prison. 

To break this cycle, this project aims to offer ex-prisoners an alternative lifestyle by equipping them with vocational skills for transition into meaningful employment.  Family-inclusive accommodation, training and support is provided where ex-prisoners become educated in metal work, welding, carpentry, fruit and vegetable growing and financial skills.

Key Areas of Expenditure

  • Land acquisition
  • Construction of accommodation and workshop facilities
  • Workshop equipment and agriculture materials
  • Training and mentoring
  • Community empowerment program for family members
  • Job placements and bridging employment
  • Social enterprise development
  • Provision and maintenance training of water well
  • Office furnishings
  • Network development with other NGO’s
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