Early Education Capacity Building


Early Education Capacity Building

Barriers of language, ethnicity, poverty and remoteness are all too familiar for children of minority people groups in rural China.  As they typically start school without knowing a word of Chinese, they are denied access from mainstream education and are confronted by a national curriculum which does not cater for their cultural diversity. 

Educational development is further stunted as it is difficult to attract quality teachers to remote regions and no government support is offered to assist with unaffordable preschool fees meaning many infants miss out on this vital stage of early learning.  What is needed for remote minority children is an educational ‘bridge’ that fosters relevant cultural values in their native language whilst also preparing them for transition into the primary school context so that they can have the confidence and ability to thrive.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Curriculum development, replication and delivery
  • Oversight of preschool to ensure high standards
  • Establishing partnerships with enabling agencies
  • Program registration 
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