Disability Services


Disability Services

The disabled and homeless are amongst the most underprivileged people living below the poverty line in Nepal. Unfortunately, a fatalistic attitude toward future employment and wellbeing is widespread, leading to internal despair and external exclusivity. In order to break the downward spiral of neglect, a special needs centre has been established to promote the full inclusion of vulnerable people in society. The five pillars of this project are: Advocacy, Treatment, Education, Rehabilitation and Awareness.

Services include:

  • Health assessments by a qualified general practitioner
  • Treatment subsidies
  • Counseling and social support
  • Boarding facilities
  • Education and vocational training
  • Micro-loan support
  • Improved building accessibility and transport for disabled people

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Hospital fees including surgery, bed surcharge, tests and pharmaceuticals
  • Health camps and home visiting programs
  • School and tertiary study fees
  • Vocational training materials and trainer wages
  • Small business loans and start-ups
  • Disability aids and equipment
  • Furniture and rent
  • Travel expenses
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