Dalit Microfinance Programs


Dalit Microfinance Programs

India’s Dalits have recently taken drastic strides toward social equality and economic empowerment through our partner’s nationwide movement to establish customised education centres. In these centres, Dalits can attain employable skills to carry them out of the poverty trap that their lineage has suffered under for so long. Amongst other community-unifying activities like social cricket and adult literacy programs, these centres will facilitate self-help groups for females to collaborate business ideas and reach for their goals.

It is a safe environment where friendships are made, resources are pooled and skills are developed through a mentoring system with trained leaders. Additional opportunities are offered for individuals to start up their own small businesses under the guidance of the centre. Both strategies foster economic independence which improves self-esteem and ultimately illuminates a path to freedom.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Establishment of self-help microfinance groups
  • Individual loans for small businesses
  • Ongoing mentoring and follow-ups
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