Community Development


Community Development
Community Development

The large number of Burundian men killed by the HIV/AIDs epidemic or conflict, has created many poor and fragile households headed by women or minors who have little income to spare. In order for the country to rebuild and provide a future for the next generation, these widows and orphans require adequate housing, healthcare, education and vocational training.

Housing – New 4-bedroom houses with a concrete foundation will relieve the need to constantly replace traditional mud huts when storms strike.

Medical clinic – Starting with a minimum of 1 doctor and 2 nurses, the clinic will grow as funding permits to cater for the community’s health needs.

School – Class sizes will be capped at 30 students to ensure each child is not overlooked. Once construction is complete, ages will range from grade 1 to 6.

Vegetable Garden – Having learned new agricultural skills, locals will reap what they have sown.

Empowerment – Training in carpentry and farming will empower the community to realise that they will independently be able to undertake infrastructure construction projects on their own accord in future.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Housing materials and constructions
  • School construction including classrooms, a staff room and a toilet block
  • Medical clinic construction and equipment
  • Garden bed construction
  • Water tanks and pumps
  • Farming and building training
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