Child Soldier Reintegration


Child Soldier Reintegration
Child Soldier Reintegration

Upon a backdrop of domestic violence, unemployment, gang crime and an endemic black-market of illicit substances, armed conflict has been tearing Colombia apart for some decades. Sadly, many families have been caught up in the crossfire and it is not only adults who have taken up arms. An estimated 18,000 child soldiers have been recruited into the conflict as combatants, informants, messengers, trackers or various service delivery providers.

This project has been established to reintegrate former child soldiers into civil society by offering an alternative lifestyle outside that of armed groups. The purpose is to restore basic rights and to foster self-confidence, stress management and the ability to trust others.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Youth workshops in theatre, photography, video, music and dance
  • Social support services
  • Family reunion facilitation
  • Foster care training
  • NGO and government agency capacity building
  • Child soldier awareness campaigning (artistic productions, posters, articles, alternative media)
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