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Audiology Capacity Building
  • Category: Disability Inclusive
  • Grant: >$500,000
  • Target Group: People with Disabilities
  • Gender: Any
  • Age: Any
  • Country: Malawi

Audiology Capacity Building

Although science-based medicine is gaining momentum in Malawi, witchcraft remains a widespread means of healing ailments in remote villages.  Unfortunately, when the deaf adopt this traditional approach, they are often instructed to fill their ears with plant and other material, causing further damage.  Furthermore, the belief of being ‘under a curse’ instigates a negative social stigma toward those who are hard of hearing and consequently leaves them at a disadvantage socially and developmentally.

Emergency Food Crisis
  • Category: Emergency Relief
  • Grant: >$500,000
  • Target Group: Displaced people
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Children
  • Country: Syrian Arab Republic

Emergency Food Crisis

Since Syria was hit with the ‘Arab Spring’ riots, protests and civil unrest, security has been severely depressed. Despite rigorous political efforts and international pressure to end the crisis in Syria, violence across all 14 governorates of the country continues unabated.