We design your Shared Value Initiatives or Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to suit your passions and needs.

Global Poverty Solutions Consulting Services is the one-stop shop for developing your Shared Value Initiatives or Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We boast a network of over fifty reliable partner charities in over fifty countries, providing you with ample choice of partners and projects. We use our business knowledge to identify shared value initiatives within your work and suitable organisations to partner with in implementing shared value projects.

Our services:

1. Due diligence - we review your identified charities or projects against industry standards to give you confidence that your company's philanthropic investments are being well spent
2. Shared value initiatives - we identify activities on your value chain that could benefit from Shared Value Initiatives, design projects appropriate for those initiatives, and identify partners to implement the projects.
3. Corporate Social Responsibility strategy - capitalising on our extensive portfolio of international development partners and projects, we design Corporate Social Responsibility strategies aligned to your company's philanthropic passions and goals

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